Running (Back To Your Love)


  1. Jusar
    Running From Your Love Lyrics: Fisher / It's been a long long time I know / I never could explain just why I had to go / Something inside of me told me I should run / And ever since that day / I.
  2. Zubei
    I'm still running back to you If you can love me again I could let go of everything If I was an island in search of castaways Maybe I'll find you here And the rain—it came too soon. I will wait for you To love me again I guess I was running from something I was running back to you Lost here in London with nothing I'm still running back to you.
  3. Tugis
    There is nothing wrong with back-to-back running, as long as you listen to what your body is telling you about pain/discomfort etc. However, when I did it, I found that I was 'falling out of love' with running, and I enjoyed it far more when I ran one day, and cycled the next. You may be different, but that is my experience.
  4. Fauk
    Running right back to you Running back to you (running back to you) Running right back to you Running right back to you Running back to you (running back to you) You know I leave a light on for you in the night I hear your heartbeat so deep every time I cry But if you need somebody, you just have to say my name I'll be running back to you.
  5. Mazura
    Running Back To You Lyrics: How can You forgive me / When I've often gone astray / How can You think of me / When I do things my way / Turning my back from You / The one who loved me first.
  6. Maukinos
    I'm running back to you, With my hands lifted high I give you my heart, And I give you my life I don't mean to be emotional But sometimes I cry When I think of all the pain, that I caused you inside But you still love me You still love me Seven times seventy You forgave me And you do this daily I don't ever want to take advantage of your grace.
  7. Gakasa
    Lyrics to Runing Back To You: How can you forgive me. When I've often gone astray. How can you think of me. When I do things my way. Turning my back from you. The one who loved me first. Having my own desires. Renewing worldy thirst.
  8. Zulkishura
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