Siroccan Wind


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    Features The AirShield® technology that works within a patented orbital seal that blocks out wind, dust and other airborne irritants. Also ideal for relieving the discomforts of Chronic Dry Eye Frame Sizing: Fits Small to Medium Head.
  2. Nikozuru
    Sirocco definition is - a hot dust-laden wind from the Libyan deserts that blows on the northern Mediterranean coast chiefly in Italy, Malta, and Sicily.
  3. Gardakasa
    The Scirocco wind turbine had a number of unique features that were not commonly found on a small wind turbine. It had pitch control, that limited the RPM in high wind to a safe RPM, by repitching the blades to stall-angle.
  4. Shaktijar
    Sirocco, warm, humid wind occurring over the northern Mediterranean Sea and southern Europe, where it blows from the south or southeast and brings uncomfortably humid air. The sirocco is produced on the east sides of low-pressure centres that travel eastward over the southern Mediterranean.
  5. Doshura
    Sirocco definition, a hot, dry, dustladen wind blowing from northern Africa and affecting parts of southern Europe. See more.
  6. Fenrilkis
    A sirocco is a hot desert wind that blows northward from the Sahara toward the Mediterranean coast of Europe. More broadly, it is used for any kind of hot, oppressive wind. She had begun by saying that it was coming over her, after all, that Rome was a ponderously sad place.
  7. Mujar
    sirocco meaning: 1. a hot wind that blows from the Sahara Desert to southern Europe 2. a hot wind that blows from. Learn more.
  8. Akiramar
    Apr 12,  · Notes. Scirocco's Arachnos Archvillains profile for a list of his powers; This incarnation of Scirocco is not the same as Serafina's former master. It is most likely that the long-dead desert hero was. The origin of the name Scirocco is from the Mediterranean wind which comes from the Sahara. It has Italian and Arabic roots, and means "Warm wind.".
  9. Sazshura
    Directed by Curtis Bernhardt. With Humphrey Bogart, Lee J. Cobb, Märta Torén, Everett Sloane. A cynical American expatriate gets involved in smuggling and gun-running for the rebels during the Syrian insurgency against French occupation.

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