I Dont Wanna Wait Too Long


  1. Zuran
    I don't wanna wait I don't wanna wait I don't wanna wait wanna run away Call me when you're feeling low You caught me staring at my phone Sorry if I didn't pick up Sorry if it seems too cold Now I'm standing at your door If it's not a yes it's a no It has been way too long You should already know I don't wanna wait I don't wanna wait I don't.
  2. Negal
    If you’re mailing it back, don’t wait too long By Allison Ross, Tampa Bay Times 3 hrs ago US coronavirus: Covid is more widespread than ever in the US, even hitting Americans living on islands.
  3. Faushicage
    Wait Lyrics: I don't wanna wait / It's taking too long / Beauty got me rose gold / You say you want space / But you kissing on my face / Im as confused as you / So many distractions / Sensual.
  4. Nikree
    I don't wanna wait (Don't make me wait too long) Don't hesitate my honey. Don't hesitate (Baby don't take too long) I don't wanna wait my honey. I don't wanna wait (I don't wanna wait) Don't hesitate my honey. Don't hesitate (Ooh yeah) I don't know (don't know) Which way you want me to go.
  5. Akigrel
    So, I don't wanna wait, today For something that might never ever show it's face again A promise that I've heard too much already To me it seems ridiculous to trust in all of your games, your play There's one life, one world, one chance And I don't wanna wait There's not enough of time so I don't wanna wait.
  6. Najind
    I Don't Wanna Wait (Demo) Lyrics: This / Can take a long long time / I don't mean to whine / Well I'm / Losing my patience yeah / Frustrated yeah / Now it's taking too long / Let me carry on / I'm.
  7. Moogugar
    I wanna know, wanna know I wanna know, wanna know I don't wanna wait too long 'Til I'm wrinkling and my body aching And the newspapers move on My freedom has no expiration Is it too late for the world? Living in the 21st century We don't need diamonds and pearls No, free love is not a luxury Oh, you can fuck who you wanna fuck You can love who.
  8. Nelkis
    Apr 03,  · I don't wanna wait too long To get your body in my arms Yeah, we could be the perfect storm You tell me I'm the only one [Chorus] 'Cause you got me weak, yeah You got me weak.

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