The Medveds - 3rd Nipple From The Sun (Vinyl)


  1. Tygorisar
    On January , Hiliary Mariadubh nicSeamus posted a story on Crystal's StorySite. The Challenge really is not a story; it's a script outlining a game to be played and punishments that would be meted out when the heroine failed to accomplish the goals set for her. As Hiliary wrote the rules, the girl was placed in a 'no-win' situation and the game was just an excuse to punish her.
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  4. Vudolmaran
    Aug 16,  · There are those blessed with a third nipple, a supernumerary nipple about which some drunk deity laughs his ass off whenever he thinks of how men must suffer. A rookie deity who experimented too much when the master was not looking. His evil laugh, emanating from the bowels as he sits on a bar stool in Olympus looking for happy thoughts.
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  6. Gardajar
    the Medveds, a byproduct of Boston, Massachusetts formed in the summer of The band’s name, which carried over from earlier garage projects headed up by frontman Ben Hunter, was drunkenly derived from a game of pin the tail on the donkey with a mids, Cleveland phonebook.
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